Invigorating フィーチャー


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3月 21, 2018
Give this babe a prize
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8月 30, 2017
Dammit.........! ! ! Another favourite I'll need to get all her cards as they come out.... just when I think I've got enough... 5/5
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Marilyn, you gorgeous little teasing bitch!


Ha! Ya, you certainly are that, babes -- you've got me sweating and straining, my eyes bulging, and my heart racing! Yep -- watching you prance, and pose, with your lovely long legs, perky tits and tight ass, is putting me through a "workout" like I never thought possible!

"It's too bad your left arm is getting all the exercise, though, isn't it baby?", she laughs with a maddeningly confident, knowing, wicked smile on her beautiful face!

Uh, ya, babes, I guess so -- yep... I guess... that's... so...
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