Quick Learner フィーチャー


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9月 18, 2017
In Quick Learner Dianna wears a skimpy schoolgirl uniform with underneath red lingerie.

With the extremely short skirt there are many upskirt views, both with and without panties.

Dianna looks lovely and sexy. She is flexible: very easy and graceful stretching of her legs.

Stockings and heels are not stripped. Some original movements in enough tempo, but never speedy.
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9月 20, 2017
Good card, 4 stars

+ Pretty face, sexy body and swishy hair and skirt

+ Sexy moves, love her on the pole

+ Underwear undneath her outfit - although not in all the clips

  • Lots of clips start with Dianna just wearing her skirt ... it's sexy as hell but it's not a striptease!
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9月 19, 2017
Her work in those heels are amazing. Most girls here can do ok on flats or platforms but this beautiful lady just murdered it. Had my attention the whole time and thats hard to do considering I have the attention span of a 3 year old!!!!
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