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Ann O Fee

 4.59 (244 votes)

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Joined in 12月 2007

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8月 29, 2017
Playful, energetic but not overly so.

Plenty of skirt play, eager to tease or please.

Though there are a fair few moments of not seeming to know what to do or getting directions. Not sure if I find it charmingly innocent or distracting.

Very skirt centric card, much to my liking!
Joined in 4月 2013

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7月 11, 2017
best card ever please many more ann o fee cards please
Joined in 11月 2017

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1月 20
Minuses are for:

1) Every now and then she's looking somewhere above the camera as if asking someone for advice, and even loosing her smile at that time.

2) Two tattoos. Lips on the ass is ok, but the blue one on the side is not good.

Pluses are for:

1) Cute and naive sexiness

2) Lot of ass posing

3) Lot of nude upskirts

4) Lot of nude clips in total

5) Sexy outfit

This is the rare case, when I'll ignore the minuses and give 5 stars. Good luck and keep improving, Ann!
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