The Fun Girl フィーチャー


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Joined in 3月 2011

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3月 24, 2017
Karissa is my favorite model in the first three month’s of 2017.

She is a very smartlooking girl, who knows how to tease.

I love the innocent look in her eyes as she removes her panties.

The ultra short skirt gives you many views under her skirt.

In clip 17 a great upskirt view as Karissa removes her panties first.

I like this outfit, which fits with her role of fun girl.
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9月 2, 2017
Decent show, but not a single butt shot in the photo set. What's up with that???
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7月 3, 2017
Karissa, you look absolutely stunning in that ultra short micro "skirt", that flaunts your gorgeous, shapely legs so well, flashing a peek of your sexy pink panties (or your stunning bare ass). When you stand so nice and tall, spread those exquisite legs nice and wide, totally nude, of course, smiling your seductive, pouty smile, I'd love to be giving you a great big thank you kiss -- right on your sweet little pussy!
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