One Of A Kind フィーチャー


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1月 27, 2017
Before I wrote this review, I have watched some photoshoots of Nasita.

I miss her cheeky and defiant look in this show.

For my taste she looks too lovely here.

What I miss also, is the natural dancing in the standing clips.

Totem: let the models do a free dance like they would do on a dance party.

The girls will love it!

Nasita looks very good, a pretty model to see.

Her show is good, but on the slow side.

I miss the “swung”of Dakota.

In her outfit I like the necklace Nasita is wearing.

For the model 5 stars and the show 4,5 stars: 4,75 = 5.
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3月 3, 2017
one of the best. more of Nasita.plz
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1月 27, 2017
I really like Nasita, and most the table clips are great. However most of the standing and pole clips are extremely distracting, Nasita has outstanding eye contact with something other then the camera. Very dissapointing. I hope her other cards are not like this.
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