Sexpectations フィーチャー

Antonia Sainz

 4.65 (263 votes)

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Joined in 11月 2012

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12月 28, 2016
Best comment This girl is my favorite. I love her. Perfect woman.
Joined in 10月 2016

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4月 12, 2017
Damn, this girl can move!

Not sure whae else to say.

Of course, I am trying to write this while watching the show, (distraction!)

Joined in 3月 2011

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12月 23, 2016
The girdle withheld me to buy this card immediately.

Nevertheless this show is great and also more then worthwile for those who don’t like girdles.

Antonia Sainz seems to feel freed when the girdle is off her body.

Then she is at her best. She is a really good dancer with original movements and her hands playing a part in it.

Her face is friendly and beautiful just as the rest of her body. A great smile as well.

Antonia reminds me of Tracy Smile.
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