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Lexi Belle

 4.15 (212 votes)

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Joined in 5月 2019

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5月 8
She is one of my favs. Cute as AF, with a stunning body. The outfit she is wearing is perfect for teasing. Her eyes, OMG her eyes!! Hair and makeup make seal the deal for me. I forget she is naked half the time since I am staring at her face, but then BAM, that body catches my eye. Decent at dancing. Def 5 stars!!!
Joined in 3月 2008

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1月 5, 2017
Lexi always looks fantastic.
Joined in 4月 2011

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1月 5, 2017
WOW!! Amother Good show from Lexi Bella love the outfit she is so pretty. Love that sexy boby too. Thanks Lexi Bella. Over all I rate this card at 4.5 stars.
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