Southern Style フィーチャー

Genevieve Gandi

 4.61 (287 votes)

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Joined in 3月 2012

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12月 6, 2016
im in love with this woman already. sexy
Joined in 3月 2011

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10月 28, 2016
Great performance of firm built, but agile Genevieve with her beautiful hairdo.

A slow style striptease.

A funny episode as her string gets entangled in her high heels.
Joined in 3月 2017

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3月 26, 2017
She has a face reminiscent of Jennifer Lawrence, which was what caused me to buy this card in the first place... but holy dog in heaven am I glad I did!

The dancing she gives, the way she uses the pole - hell, her flexibility (!)... everything about this card is super hot, super sexy, super worth-while.
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