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Lily Adams

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Joined in 7月 2010

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10月 25, 2016
Lily is new to me, so needless to say I was delighted with what a Google search turned up...

...cute, fit, great hip movement... awesome outfit with lots of upskirt peekaboo action (white under red, you just nailed it with this one!).

I haven't watched all clips yet, but so far it's 10/10 from me
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2月 14, 2017
Great Tease. nice and sexy girl
Joined in 6月 2017

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1月 14
This girl absolutely nails the 'girl next door' look, and the outfit is just perfect. A surprising lack of pantyless upskirts, however, the tiny white thong she is wearing does a terrible job of keeping her beautiful little pussy covered up, which more than makes up for it. He body is absolutely killer, genuinely smoking hot. I've seen complaints that she just stands there gyrating her hips but to be honest I could watch her do it all day. She gives the impression of a young girl trying to be sexy to impress the older boys and, bloody hell, was I impressed!
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