Mellow Yellow フィーチャー


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Joined in 3月 2009

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6月 21, 2017
How on earth I missed buying this card sooner. She is stunning. Wow. Marry me Aislin, but sorry no wedding reception after church. I need to take you home. We have a lot to do. Start dancing for me please. Oh that's enough. My patience is gone. Perhaps, my sanity is gone too after seeing those boobies, and legs and feet and toes and above all, this shaven pussy. Oh my Aislin, Am speechelss. .
Joined in 1月 2008

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12月 21, 2016
Aislin is a wonderfully attractive girl with an awesome smile. She's got a slim athletic body with legs that go up to a perfect ass. I LOVE THIS GIRL.
Joined in 6月 2015

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4月 23, 2017
Grade C+ (Sexy). 6.5/10.0. Aislin is Attractive but not Hot. This is A Nice Summer Outfit. Nicer on the Table.
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