Passionate Date フィーチャー

Carly Rae

 3.86 (180 votes)

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Joined in 9月 2016

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10月 20, 2016
Pantyless "upskirt", so that's full marks. That said, the bush is a bonus, the fake tits aren't that great looking nor the tattoo (doesn't honestly look worth the price it was) the show is also pretty short. Those take points off. The clips are brief, so I don't really have time to appreciate it all. That said, she does move in a nice sensual pace, so I have time to admire as long as the brief clips last.

But finally, she is not just another skinny girl, so I guess it's full marks for this brief show as a vote of preference for upskirts, hair, and a real shape.
Joined in 12月 2017

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2月 10, 2018
She deserves a higer rating. Carly is such a beautiful woman. Love her shows.
Joined in 9月 2012

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6月 18, 2016
Nice card. I honestly don't have an issue with fake breasts.. not really my thing but hardly a deal-breaker. People need to realize fake boobs are not going away and quit griping about them all the time.
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