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Sofia Ander

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Joined in 4月 2008

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8月 24, 2018
OK, well, ya, Sofia, it's VERY clear that you've "got a degree in business", cause, babes, you sure are giving US "the business"! And by the time you're done, gorgeous? I'm sure you'll be giving out a LOT of "degrees" of your OWN to all the hopeless, helpless guys locked into watching your every teasing, taunting move (oh, I'm sure including myself in that group, babes -- no... denying... that...)! Yep, you sure are an excellent "instructor", Sofia -- handing out Bachelors Degrees in Helpless Fantasizing and Masters Degrees in Masturbation! And, babes? You've got ME working on a Doctorate...
Joined in 2月 2011

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1月 27, 2018
Sofia is hella sexy! I appreciate the energy and sensuality she puts in her performance. If you like to watch two dancers on your screen? Sofia and Nekane works as a match! Try it, their performance, build, energy is simular! I do this all the time with cards I've collected.
Joined in 4月 2017

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3月 25, 2018
You can't lose with this full figured brunete who loves to get naked over and over. This is my second card of hers and there will be more.
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