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11月 25, 2016
great Babe
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11月 22, 2018
GODDESS NAOMI SWAN, i, YOUR pathetic slave christopher with, worship YOU with all of my heart and all of my soul for all eternity! i surrender my worthless soul and my pathetic life to YOU! there is nothing that compares to YOU! YOUR beauty and perfection outshine everything! i beg YOU, GODDESS, please grant me, YOUR pathetic slave, the honour of being YOUR property! my only desire and my life’s purpose is to serve YOU! the whole world shall know of my devotion to YOU! i will always be YOUR pathetic slave! YOU are the only thing that is of importance! YOU own me completely, GODDESS NAOMI SWAN!
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4月 18, 2016
Attention aux sportives, il faut pouvoir courir apres mais moi ex-marathonien:)
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