Sexy Little Kitten フィーチャー

Lady Dee

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Joined in 10月 2009

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11月 28, 2015
Poor Dee...Looks like she was told to rush rush through all this.

Its more callisthenics than Tease. The clothes are discarded like a windmill,

and when she plays with her panties or stockings its a token effort with

little ambience. At least she glaces down at what her hands are doing now.

Fullscreeners have 3 in/out clips to disable. 8/10

Joined in 5月 2017

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8月 29, 2017
Sorry this card did not work for me and there was nothing to keep interested in watching second time.
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12月 5, 2015
Unforutnatelly I did not read what " fluxrad" wrote before I bought this card because I actually did buy this card for stockings/heels since Im not a fan of this model.. Anyway all was said in previous 2 comments.
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