Sweet Seduction フィーチャー

Marina Visconti

 4.31 (250 votes)

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Joined in 9月 2016

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12月 3, 2016
No pantyless upskirts (goddamnit!) but she has a very sexy natural body with big soft breasts and butt. So the score is for that rather than her stripping which isn't spectacular (not bad either).
Joined in 8月 2017

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Marina you have a captivating stuning body and beautiful boobs as well.

I would love to hug you

definatly a five
Joined in 8月 2017

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4月 15, 2018
I bought this card as part of a set and I thought it would be the most likely dud one. Far from it for under the bad dress is a gorgeous body and sexy underwear and a stimulating performance.
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