Too Much フィーチャー

Elen Moore

 4.36 (306 votes)

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5月 9, 2017
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10月 11, 2015
I see no reason to hesitate buying this. I see one viewer gave Elen a one. I can't translate his language but I find it incredible to rate Elen anything but a 9 or a 10. I've seen one rated girls in person, but never on Virtual Girl for crying out loud.

One thing about Elen is that she's clearly not a sex professional, which I like. Very natural. Fully nude. No socks or nylons to fool around with.

Elen is a 10 for me.
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3月 30, 2018
Natural boobs: yes + 2

Shoes: huge and shoes come off +1

Special factors:

+1 for perky, pokey hard nipples
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