Lustfully Yours フィーチャー

Alexis Adams

 4.28 (571 votes)

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6月 5, 2015
I really like this first performer from Vegas studio.

She has a pretty face (kinda reminds me of Kaley Cuoco) and a great body, especially the ass... and she's showing it a lot, which is a very good point IMO. Her boobs may be fake... I don't know... but they are gorgeous too ! I also like the way she moves : not too fast so we can appreciate her beauty, but not too slow to keep the viewer entertained. To me, it's an excellent first show. As long as she keeps showing her amazing ass a lot, I think I might buy all of her cards.
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6月 5, 2015
I think this is a very solid entry for the Las Vegas studio. Can not see any performance issues(same quality as the European studio). She is a great dancer. Slow, seductive and playful. Her ass and hips are excellent. Breast are nice and round. Not sure why she currently a 8.56. I voted a 10/10. She is work it.
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11月 29, 2015
Great set of legs and nice pair pair of boobs. love .
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