Simply Divine フィーチャー

Serena Wood

 4.61 (345 votes)

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Joined in 11月 2011

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11月 7, 2015
Best comment I just love the way how she removes her panties with her super sexy dress still on. And then she does amazing teasing dances... pantyless. Awesome card!
Joined in 5月 2008

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2月 12, 2016
Beautiful. Looks like a lovely person who can relate to others. But Serena isn't hardcore at all. Not much touching of her naughty parts. She looks like someone to share a coffee with and then get on with your day.
Joined in 4月 2008

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10月 14, 2018
"Simply Divine", simply stunning outfit, simply outragious poses, simply amazing moves, simply impossible, to ever resist this gorgeous babe!

"Then why not simply admit, you've simply given in, and simply let me turn you into a simply powerless, pussy whipped, pumping machine!", she laughs, with a smug, teasing, seductive smile on her simply beautiful face!

But, Serena, I simply can't accept how EASILY you've done that to me!

"That's OK!", she smirks, "Because I simply love to see you struggling to simply escape, because you simply can't... stop... jerking... off..., can you, baby? Have a nice time trying -- jerk boy..."
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