Spider Kiss フィーチャー

Amber Cute

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11月 10, 2014
Amber Cute is a hot redhead with a thin build, beautiful hips, and a luscious attitude. Her tiny breasts are lovely and her creamy skin holds your eye as she moves. And she knows how to move.The outfit is pure lingerie with a lot of contrasting interest thanks to its offset from her very light skin tone. She strips it off with some great moves as well, as she undulates her lithe body and showcases her lustful intentions.A great card that, while not perfect, is very, very good. A hot first performance from this beauty.
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11月 7, 2014
Умница! Красивая, подвижная. то что надо! видео бы подольше, и класс!не пожалеете!
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11月 13, 2014
Wow. Amber is one beautiful redhead with lots of sexappeal, sweet little tits and an ass to die for. She smiles a lot and her dancing is very seductive. The outfit, those stockings, suspenders and high heels are to die for, she's looking gorgeous in it. Love the fact that she's a readhead. What can I say, but: This is my kinda girl! Thank you very much Amber you saved my day! Please more from her, Totem Team.
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