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Ava Courcelles

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Joined in 6月 2013

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11月 28, 2014
AVA do it again. Is just her second card in VG and she became one of my favorites from all times. A beautiful face, stunning body and a really HOT performance. Like I said before, AVA is 100% pure sensuality. Icant wait to see her next cards. Thanks TOTEM guys for give us girls like AVA.
Joined in 7月 2013

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5月 9, 2017
Hi Ava...I need some assistance...executively ;)

My second awesome card of Ava...such an amazing bod with hypnotic movements and the glasses oooh...my favorite look/comination...sexy and intelligent! :D
Joined in 6月 2010

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11月 30, 2014
She's the sexiest performer I've seen on VG for a while!

I love her ass :).

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