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Susana Melo

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2月 18, 2018
This shows counts 13 clips, all on Taskbar; 9 clips were XXX and of those 9 there are 4 with dildo. I like Susanan very much. For me her face is beautiful and she has a fantastic slender figure. I liked her dress and the normal panties. In this show Susana shows a lot of interest in her shaven pussy. Several times she is in the doggy position. Her groaning and moaning went through “marrow and leg”.
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4月 5, 2017
Very, very, very nice. Sexy as hell, and she makes amazing sounds as she masturbates. She has a beautiful pussy that practically glows when she pleasures herself. Love it. Thanks, Susana!
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6月 1, 2016
This babe presents such primal sexuality. Notice her baboon pink vulva and totally haute pink vagina. In the wild, Susana Melo would be a perpetual breeder and the maternal leader of her troop. Gisele B?ndchen has nothing but marketing personnel over the pure hotness of this Portuguese uninhibited vixen. I LUV this babe right down to her sinews (gracillis adductors). 10/10 is meager imo. Whew! Uninhibited vixens rock my world. Thank you babe.
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