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Linda Sweet

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Joined in 4月 2008

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6月 26, 2014
Must own card for anal lovers! I have purchased 1539 cards between deskbabes and virtuagirlHD and this is my favorite card! Beautiful girl that loves anally pleasuring herself.
Joined in 6月 2012

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6月 25, 2014
If you love anal, this card will definitely satisfy you. Great show, no lack in her performance, even though she's not the most sexy girl on DB... Jeez, that girl can entertain you for a while !
Joined in 12月 2018

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1月 13
Sweet merciless Dagon!

Linda Sweet is hauntingly beautiful. The ghost white skin, peppered with lovely freckles; those stunningly perfect, firm breast, peaked by little pale nipples; and that delcious pink pussy, I am gobsmacked!

She smiles and pleasures herself with enthusiasm and vigour. I literally had to stop this card playing, so I could get work done and not spend half an hour drooling and staring goggle eyed at this wonderful woman.
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