Duo フィーチャー

Amber Daikiri Linda Sweet

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1月 23, 2015
Best comment Two sexy women in stockings and no shoes using a a double end dildo...TOTALLY HOT!!
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7月 4, 2017
Thank you God for delivering these two amazingly beautiful pleasure babes to allow us this very holy experience. My God, Amber and Linda must be the patron saints of lesbian pleasure. Unbelievably good. Only one complaint... #10 Scene 4 has no sound, which is a serious cardinal sin as it looks like one of the best scenes involving Linda having a superb orgasm.

These two babes are absolutley stunning. They take their beaut cute pussies on a ride of sexual pleasure from start to finish. Breathtaking! Amber is one of the most gorgeous looking babes ever. Beautiful complexion and strawberry blonde hair. Her pink areolas and nipples are so unique and sexy. A very beautiful babe. But Linda is too.

In this performance, Amber and Linda deliver some of the best girl-on-girl action to be seen. They have great chemistry. Very very impressive. Their double-ended dildo action is like a blessing straight from God. Watching their pussy pleasuring action, anal action, and orgasms are like heavenly experiences. Honestly, watching Amber and Linda in this performance is a spirtitual sexual experience! They are unbelievably excellent.
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6月 25, 2014
One of the best anal duos on DB ! Definitely a good combination :-)
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