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Samantha Joons Angel Diamonds

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Joined in 6月 2012

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5月 7, 2014
Totem, there's no redhead here. Plus, they say they are 24 and 25... In the description, you said 25 and 30.

Except those annoying mistakes, the show is pretty decent. Angel Diamons have great tits but seems a bit lost. Hopefully, Samantha Joons is there to lead the way. She's really hot and I appreciate the way she looks at the camera.

If Angel was a bit more active, this show would have been worth a 10. At least, she loves anal sex, which kind of saves her personal performance.
Joined in 7月 2013

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5月 13, 2014
the look of the fair women ist only worth a 5

the black haired women is a 10 and saves the look note for the card

the anal part saves the show..
Joined in 9月 2013

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9月 9, 2014
All around a good show.
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