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Victoria Blanc

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3月 11, 2014
All Virtuagirl girls are wonderful. Each of them makes us feel and trigger different emotions and desires in our bodies and

minds, more or less intense, depending on the emotional situation in which we find ourselves. Honestly, I congratulate the

entire team of Virtuagirl, that makes this great software full of wonderful emotions.Congratulations! Great Striptease of

Victoria Blanc. I love this girl, with a face and a body can only imagine in dreams. She is really wonderful.
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2月 19, 2014
This delicious woman pleasures herself with a simultaneous DP. She definitely has my vote.
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2月 28, 2014
Victoria est une très jolie femme aux formes exquises et sensuelles. Ce show est extraordinaire, avec sodomie et double pénétration Victoria nous gâte. Bravo et merci !
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