Solo フィーチャー

Sasha Jones

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4月 14, 2018
Clip Notes™ for c0533 - Sasha Jones/Solo

Black bra, panties, stockings, garter, heels

2. 3:38- Table, Topless; Rubbing, spanking

3. 3:39- Table, Full nudity; Rubbing

4. 3:30- Table, XXX; Rubbing, possible orgasm

5. 4:08- Table, Topless; Spanking, rubbing

6. 3:54- Table, XXX; 1 finger, rubbing, 3 fingers

7. 3:34- Table, XXX; Rubbing, 2 fingers, 3 fingers

8. 3:36- Table, XXX; Beads, spanking

9. 4:12- Table, XXX; Spanking, beads, rubbing

10. 3:30- Table, XXX; Beads, rubbing, 2 fingers, 3 fingers, possible orgasm
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4月 13, 2014
A real spanish beauty with long black hair and black eyes.

Big natural breasts with a nice piercong.

A nice tattoo (some flowers) between her breast and her back, one (a rosary) at her foot/leg and another one (a bird) at her hand/arm.

She uses her own spit to stimulate her nipples!

Plays with her pussy with fingers as well as toys and spanks her butt, which is really cool!

She talks all the time in her mother tongue spanish. Unfortunately, the sound is a bit quiet. OK, when she screams, it's loud enoug ;-)

If you like brunettes and big breasts, a card really worth it!
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7月 7, 2014
Beautiful Young Women!!

But your Vitals are very confusing!!!

That same old "broken" tape measure?
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