Ecstasy フィーチャー

Lola Taylor

 4.37 (314 votes)

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Joined in 4月 2014

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12月 13, 2014
HUUUUUGE crush on this girl, from head to toes !!!

Huuuge fav on the absolutely delicious and exquisitely attractive bush she shows, that is always doing its effect on me. (An almost certainty that I'll rush for all of her cards). Combined with the nice fact the girl is for sure natural blonde (second crush).

Pale skin works so well here with exquisite dressing and defined lighting, as along a1613, and makeup enhances so well Lola's beautiful eyes imo... Cage combined with classy red armchair and Lola's just so sultry and feline moves and postures absolutely catches me.

A must have to me. 100+/10
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4月 8, 2018
Lola is a great exampel of, what used to be called, a Sex Bomb! - in the tradition of Marylyn Munroe and Jane Mansfield!

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2月 17, 2018
Lola is a sexy woman with a great attitude. Although I would prefer all of the dancers to be shaved completely, her bush is trimmed nicely. This card really should be labled trimmed, not hairy. She is only hairy on top, and even that party is trimmed. Thank you Lola.
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