Desert Oasis フィーチャー


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Joined in 10月 2013

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8月 27, 2016
I really like the scene with the swing, however, I have a superior and much more erotic swing that I would love to have you in here at my place in the USA. I know just keep dreaming! I just love to see an amazing hot young girl that shows off her entire nude body like Nici does. She has the hottest body and like most men I love to watch her show it off. I give her a rating far above the 5 that I am allowed by the site.
Joined in 1月 2015

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2月 24, 2017
Exotic looking beauty? Czech. Exceptional flirting skill? Czech. SHe genuinely looks like she's enjoying herself which is the sign of a standout performer.

I have some calls to make. What time is it in Prague?
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2月 10, 2018
Natural boobs: yes + 2

Shoes: huge and shoes stay on 0

Special factors:

+1.5 for awesome boobs with small, perky nipples and a pussy ready for nibbles
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