Ladylove フィーチャー


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Install iStripper to get this exclusive erotic show of Shelly directly on your taskbar. It lasts 39 minutes and features arousing and explicit scenes.


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Joined in 3月 2008

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1月 20, 2014
Shelly is fantastic as always, but she ain't eating cereal in my bed :)
Joined in 6月 2012

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1月 17, 2014
Shelley is emerging as another favourite amongst the new arrivals. Not the most polished of dancers, but her expressive face and ability to to entertain more than compensates. She looks fabulous in this sexy negligee set, and even more so when she removes it to reveal a leggy, lean but not skinny body of classical proportions. Botticelli's Birth of Venus springs to mind.
Joined in 10月 2008

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1月 17, 2014
Shelly has great curves like Conny, I dream a breakfast with her after this card and I love the clip 1024403.vghd, for me Shelly is 100/10 in this card, very thanks :))
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