Country Fair フィーチャー

Tracy Gold

 4.31 (432 votes)

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11月 4, 2013
Tray Gold is a pretty girl. Nice body she sexy in some of her clips and some are slow and sexy. I hope her next card well be sexy looking. 9/10 for me over all.
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10月 31, 2013
Love her slow movements, good show.
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11月 3, 2013
Blanche Bradburry and Tracy Gold look a little a like and they both have that slow style that can be fantastically sexy or a little slow. I found it to be just slow and a little boring where both girls are concerned. The slow style works with Abigail Johnson or someone else with the moves to back it up but with these girls I found getting through the clips challenging. Tracy is a little more attractive and has that bubble headed blond thing going for her. If you go for the raunchy type that hangs out at the corner pub you'll love Blanche. Nothing stand out but not horrible.
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