Irresistible フィーチャー

Cayenne Klein

 4.19 (361 votes)

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Joined in 11月 2008

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12月 17, 2013
Lovely looking girl with a more girl next door look rather than a porn star look about her. Has really cute freckles and I dig the hairstyle.

The outfit is excellent, she has great legs/ass and looks super sexy in stockings. The show is great, with lots of eye contact and facial expression in the performance, she is confident and looks like she had fun making the card.

The bonus picture set is cracking, look forward to seeing more of her :)

Joined in 4月 2008

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6月 25, 2017
You are absolutely "irrisistible", Cayenne -- irresistibly beautiful, irresistibly hot outfit, irresistible moves and poses, and irresistible fantasies of fucking you!
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11月 10, 2013
This lady Cayenne Klein, she gets better each time. And I sure love her sexy legs and that quite nice ass she has. Makes me just wanna kiss it! \m/
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