Succubus フィーチャー


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4月 11, 2018
What an amazing pretty blue-eyed blonde! What a body!

Elody is undoubtedly an extraordinary super performer. She has star quality. She performs like a gorgeous purring pussy! She really is beautiful to watch.

Elody has the most beautifully waxed genital area to be seen, & a most attractive pussy, which she gracefully exposes for everyone’s pleasure.

I can’t praise Elody enough. She’s irresistibly elegant, sensual, sexy, erotic & seductive. She is definitely a performer who easily triggers cum-blasting!

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8月 18, 2013
I give ALL my girls 9.5 to 10 ratings. They work soooo hard dancing showing off their best. Iff that girl shares her body with us, REWARD HER! Most of my girls get 10s, and I would reward them in real life.
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8月 17, 2013
Elody really knows how to work the camera! Such smooth sensual confidence is astounding! She almost even makes the cage seem like a good idea (more on that in a bit). This model is definitely amongst the most professional and effective performers in the VG stable! I look forward to many more from Elody...

Lately it has seemed that Totem has been getting away from the cage as it is a most deplorable prop. This week, however, the damned thing is popping up just everywhere! What gives?
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