Drill Your Sergeant フィーチャー

Little Caprice

 4.61 (912 votes)

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Joined in 12月 2009

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4月 24, 2013
absolutly one of my favorite girls, i find her beauty

outfit poor, but nice

performance good

i know she is a great professional and so i aspect a grow in her next shows

i hope to see more in DB too

overall vote 9
Joined in 5月 2008

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12月 29, 2016
Get this one. She is literally hot. The downside is that it's 1080, but it's a good quality 1080. If you are downgrading it because of her outfit, you are on the wrong kind of wesite lol. Little Caprice wants her audience to have a great time.
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4月 25, 2013
To be sincere, I´m falling in love with this girl. I don´t like this outfit a lot but a I have my "reasoning sense" coped by her body. I hope we see her on DB showing her skills. 9, (and thanks).
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